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Only in New York…

Surfing through a selection of New York City photos on Flickr, I came across Thomas Wolfe’s famous quote, “One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes… Continue reading

Of Canals and Bikes…

August in Europe is overwhelming with hordes of tourists overrunning cities, while the locals themselves holiday somewhere else. So while Paris left me quite cold (quite literally at times), Holland with its quintessential… Continue reading

Il Palio in Siena

I did some mental Math and decided 20 euros is the most I’d shell out for Il Palio. Even then, I had some reservations. So I approached the tourist information desk to find… Continue reading

Sunderbans: Kingdom in the Delta

Sunderbans, that group of islands in the Bay of Bengal where tiger is the king, is for those who like to be in the middle of nowhere. Jaded though it  may sound, it… Continue reading

Cruising Around

After almost 2 months of looking around for quick weekend getaways from Delhi, we finally zeroed in on Nainital. The destination was finalized just a week before leaving. Not very original on first thought, but that was… Continue reading