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Up, up and Away: Taktsang Goemba

Taktsang Gompa aka Tiger’s Nest monastery was built in the 17th century at the spot where Guru Rinpoche (aka Guru Padmasambhava who introduced Buddhism to Bhutan) is believed to have flown on the… Continue reading

Exploring Bhutan Two Cities at a Time: Paro

Exploring Bhutan Two Cities at a Time: Thimphu

There are mountains and there are the mighty mountains. Do I need even say that the Himalayas are the mightiest of the mighty? As is probably obvious, I am not immune to the… Continue reading

Fall Collection: Ft. Autumn Leaves and Pumpkin Squash

Drifting snowflakes on my window, covering the city in a white powdery blanket, and christmas music on the radio remind me that fall is over. Winter creeps up on me every year, and… Continue reading

Road Trip Part Trois: Three things you must do in Portland, Maine

Our second major stop was at the “other” Portland. It might be a surprise for you to know that Portland, Oregon was actually named after Portland, Maine. Having been to Portland, Oregon first… Continue reading

Road Trip: Witches and other odds and ends in Salem

In search of cheap motels in Boston, we found one in Danvers. As a friend remarked bemused, “But, that’s not Boston.” Danvers as we later found out was originally Salem Village, a town… Continue reading

Road tripping in New England Part Un: Boston

We are taking a road trip again this year on the Western Massachusetts – Boston – Portland, ME – Burlington route. A considerably less ambitious venture than the last one, it is still… Continue reading

In search of deliciousness in Julian

        This past June we were in San Diego visiting friends, Seema and Bikas, for a week. It was one of the most relaxing vacations I’ve had in a while… Continue reading


I always thought that my dream job would be one that required a lot of travel because I could explore a (new) city and that too on company expense! But like all things… Continue reading

Civil War Period Costumes

Continued from previous post… The Battle of Chancellorsville reenactment offered us a great opportunity to look at the costumes of that period, and see a little bit of life as it was then.