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I always thought that my dream job would be one that required a lot of travel because I could explore a (new) city and that too on company expense! But like all things… Continue reading

Assisi and Lamps

Come summer, and I find myself wishing I was in Italy. I was in Assisi (and Perugia) for a weekend, two summers ago. I had quite forgotten about this trip, when I came… Continue reading


Annapolis was the capital of the United States in 1783-84. I was mildly surprised when I found this out, but I realized a few things made more sense now – like, why the Treaty of Paris… Continue reading

Ah Spring!

We’ve had the mildest winter here in D.C. Yet, it’s hard not to get excited about spring, especially so if you get to see the gorgeous Cherry Blossoms. This year is the 100th… Continue reading

Snapshots from Seattle

I just got back from a 3-day conference in Seattle – that city of endless grey rain, reminding me of Darjeeling! It was a hectic three days, but I got a chance to… Continue reading

Paris Je T’aime…if only (le sigh)!

Is that so strange that a city that has enraptured poets and artists for centuries, should leave me so unmoved? Gil Pender in Midnight in Paris muses “To know that Paris exists and… Continue reading

Duke and Durham in Pictures

I lived for two and a half years in Durham. I suppose you don’t really write about the place you live in, in a travel blog. But then, Duke is so beautiful that… Continue reading

Reflecting Back and Moving Forward

Happy 2012! This past year has been interesting and eventful. I graduated from grad school in May, took a big road trip across the country in August, and moved to D.C. in December.… Continue reading