Wuhan-The Promised Land

This is the second day of my stay in Wuhan: ‘the promised land’, the name I keep teasing Panu with, because he kept putting off everything till we reached Wuhan. After the Tibet… Continue reading

Potala Beckons and Rioting Begins

We reached Lhasa at night. We met Lien Cheng again at the ticket booking counter. In China, one can book train tickets only 10 days in advance, making travelling a last minute experience.… Continue reading

Lhasa Bound

I was sitting in the Qinghai-Tibet train finally and I must say that the hard sleeper, equivalent of the 3 tier in India was more luxurious. Carpeted floor, clean curtains, upholstered seats, hot… Continue reading

Destination Beijing

I landed in Beijing at night and it was thrilling to be in a strange land, where you didn’t understand the language and they didn’t understand yours. While going to the hostel from… Continue reading

List of 30 and Counting

This was a list I had started to compile when I was in JNU (2004-2006). Thought it would be fun and challenging to set myself 30 things to do before I turn 30.… Continue reading