Enid Blyton hailed as the best writer for children

Enid Blyton has been voted as Britain’s best loved author in a survey, and needless to say it’s well deserved! Seeing the name in print after such a long time also refreshed a… Continue reading

Cruising Around

After almost 2 months of looking around for quick weekend getaways from Delhi, we finally zeroed in on Nainital. The destination was finalized just a week before leaving. Not very original on first thought, but that was… Continue reading

Women in India

It’s really paradoxical that a country where we revere so many goddesses and one of our early prime ministers was a woman, the status of women has been less than exemplary. While married… Continue reading

Racism in India

Indians or rather North Indians are the most racist, hands down! One would think that after centuries of being called ‘darkies’, we’d be more empathetic to other races. However, that’s not to be.… Continue reading

Live like you were Dying

“I went skydiving I went rocky mountain climbing I went two point seven seconds on a bull named Fu Man Chu And I loved deeper And I spoke sweeter And I gave forgiveness… Continue reading

Down Nostalgia Lane in the Dooars

As the plane taxied on the runway in Bagdogra, I couldn’t help but feel a wee bit of dissapointment. The weather in Delhi had been pleasantly cool for the past few days and… Continue reading

Trek to Pindari Glacier

Azure sky above, glaciers around, green meadows dotted with a thousand tiny flowers below and everything else in a limbo…. I was looking at the snow capped peaks of Nanda Kot and Nanda… Continue reading

In Apple Town Rohru

Biting into a red apple with its juice trickling down our fingers and having a competition of sorts on who could make the loudest crunch, was our introduction to Rohru! This little known… Continue reading

Last Two Days in Beijing

It was back to Beijing after a long and lazy time in Wuhan. It felt good to be back in Beijing. We decided to go to the Beijing opera in the evening despite… Continue reading

More on Wuhan

Like I wrote earlier, we’ve decided to stay in Wuhan instead of going to Guilin as earlier planned. There’s not much to do here unlike Beijing. That’s not to say that Wuhan is… Continue reading