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Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani…

I cringe a little everytime I hear this line. At the outset, it refers to a fusion of Western outlook and Indian values, where the latter inevitably trumps the former. But dig a… Continue reading

The Horrors of Flying

Here I am at Heathrow, extremely groggy, peeved and brooding about how bothersome air travel is becoming by the day. If there was another mode of travel between India and the United States,… Continue reading

Portrait of a Beggar

I was in Perugia over the last weekend. IdV had highly recommended going to the SteveMcCurry (of the Afghan girl fame) exhibition and I found myself in the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria, looking awestruck… Continue reading

Dreaming of Monsoon…

It’s pouring here in Rome. I feel content listening to the steady drum of the rain and looking at the stray raindrops splash against my window pane. Yet, that unfeigned, unadulterated joy associated… Continue reading

With a Cigarette in My Hand….

…I felt like a (wo)man! This anti-smoking campaign advert/song in the late 90s was a huge hit largely due to its catchy tune. Other (wittier but misinformed) ads followed suit, including one which… Continue reading

Living in Amreeka

Friends, Indians, Country(wo)men, Lend me your ‘eyes’…………….? To all my friends who’ve been curious about how I am doing in a ‘phoren’ country, this is sort of a mass mail in the form… Continue reading

Of Navratra Thalis, Indian Men and the Earth Hour

This week has been significant in terms of the events that have occured and given me plenty to muse over. Environment and climate change has clearly been the most talked about phenomena in… Continue reading

Holi Hai….

It’s that time of the year again when women in Delhi get extra vigilant while walking….to anywhere! It doesn’t matter where you are going; to office, to college, mugging-walking to the board exams,… Continue reading

Are We in the Dark Age?

4th March 2009: Fearing police intervention over the display of supposedly ‘obscene’ artwork, Mumbai’s oldest public art gallery, the Jehangir Art Gallery, has told Delhi based artist Damayanti Sharma, who had booked its… Continue reading

Mob Fury

Whenever there are road accidents or public demonstrations, the first casualty is government property. Video footage of smashed windscreens and charred remains of public buses are flashed on your television screens even as… Continue reading