Assisi and Lamps

Come summer, and I find myself wishing I was in Italy. I was in Assisi (and Perugia) for a weekend, two summers ago. I had quite forgotten about this trip, when I came upon these photos while sorting through my pictures to put into a photobook. Looking at the second photo, it struck me that Italy is the most beautiful country I’ve been to (after India, of course! Biased, who me?)

Assisi, a town in the Umbria region of Italy, is synonymous with St. Francis, one of the most venerated religious figures in Catholicism. Like the Buddha, he was born in a wealthy family, but he renounced it all, and went on to found the Franciscan Order (he famously gave up even his clothes that he wore when he renounced his family, and wore a habit made with sack-cloth and secured with a rope. Franciscan monks wear a similar habit to this day, although not made of sack-cloth).

P.S. I loved the lamps in Assisi, and you will notice that in 8 of the following 10 pictures, they either feature prominently or can be spotted if you look close enough. And oh yes! I am a sucker for alleys as well.





Lamp again!