Ah Spring!

We’ve had the mildest winter here in D.C. Yet, it’s hard not to get excited about spring, especially so if you get to see the gorgeous Cherry Blossoms. This year is the 100th anniversary of the gift of 3000 cherry blossom trees to D.C. by Tokyo, Japan. Every year, D.C. celebrates spring with the month-long cherry blossom festival. This year because of the high temperatures, the blossoms peaked much earlier and vanished quickly after a thundershower. Eek, global warming!

The photos in this post are a mixed bag – there are flowers everywhere in D.C. and so there are pictures of cherry blossom, and of a few other flowers in my neighborhood and the Congressional Cemetery. The cemetery was founded in 1807 as a place to bury members of the Congress. Today, you don’t need to be a member of the Congress. As the website says, “You just have to be dead.” It may seem odd to post pictures of a cemetery in a post about spring, but the Congressional Cemetery is really quite pretty, and with people walking their playful dogs, it does not seem such a sombre place.

The Jefferson Memorial and Cherry Blossom





1. Cherry Blossoms and the Jefferson Memorial| 2. Enjoying the sun at the tidal basin and the Washington Memorial| 3. Japanese Pagoda at the tidal basin| 4. Japanese lantern by the tidal basin| 5. Inside of a flower| 6. A bench at the Congressional Cemetery| 7. A vista in the Congressional Cemetery| 8. Flowers and rows of graves| 9. Tulips in my neighborhood| 10. Dogs wanna have fun!  (by the Tidal basin)