Duke and Durham in Pictures

I lived for two and a half years in Durham. I suppose you don’t really write about the place you live in, in a travel blog. But then, Duke is so beautiful that I really do have to share a few pictures. Continuing the theme from my last post, this one will also feature 10 pictures. All the photos were taken in 2011 after I graduated in May.

1. The iconic Duke chapel that is the university’s most famous landmark.

Duke Chapel

2. Duke University from the top of the chapel tower. These buildings are the undergrad dorms.

Duke University

3. Inside the Duke chapel

Inside the chapel

4. The Sarah P. Duke Gardens. I love the gardens during fall. So do couples getting engaged and married – I saw three couples taking their wedding pictures and two couples taking their engagement pictures on  the same day!

Bridge in Duke gardens

5. Another picture of the Duke Gardens taken in the summer.

Duke Gardens

6. Durham’s sister cities. I hadn’t heard of a single city until I saw this wooden post!

Durham's sister cities

7. I loved Durham’s farmers market. The price was steep, but I loved the colours there. And blue pottery right beside yellow squash = great picture !

Farmer's market

8. I met this little guy at the Eno river festival on the 4th of July celebrations.
Eno river festival

9. Mr. Mittens, a cat in my neighbourhood.

Mr. Mittens

10. A dendroid at the North Carolina Museum of Art. The museum is in Raleigh, but as Durham and Raleigh are really twin cities in a way, I’ll take the creative liberty of including this picture here.