Saving the best for last – San Francisco

No, San Francisco wasn’t the last stop on our road trip. Just that I thought it only fitting to put in more thought into writing about a place that is a serious competitor to NYC – one of my favourite cities in the world!

Following are 5 reasons I love San Francisco:

1. It’s beautiful: What’s better than a city by the ocean? A city by the ocean with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge! Now that’s some serious “awesomeness”.

P.S. I tried to get a night picture of the Bridge, but it was foggy and I didn’t have a tripod.  So a long exposure was out of the question. But attached is an impressionistic view of the bridge!

2. Grafitti: I’ve mentioned my love for grafitti earlier in this post. San Franscisco has some very funky grafitti .

3. Wine Country: Don’t vineyards just conjure up visions of romance and good times? Of the movies A Walk in the Clouds, and French Kiss? I have happily watched these several times, even though they aren’t outstanding. Anyway, San Francisco is about an hour from the vineyards of Napa and Sonoma – an hour away from some of the world’s finest wines. What could be better?!

4. Its quirkiness: Okay, so maybe only Haight Street qualifies as quirky. But, it’s such an integral part of San Francisco, that it typifies the whole West Coast-San Francisco-Summer of Love experience.

The second picture is of a band playing inside the cramped stoop of the building, in case it isn’t clear. I apologize for the low quality, but there were tonnes of people there.

5. Its diversity: Sure it’s no New York City, but it’s diverse enough with a capital D! After all, it has the largest and most authentic looking Chinatown outside of Asia, and endless Asian food options.

6. It has a statue of Mahatma Gandhi:

Just kidding! But you get my point about diversity above? 🙂

Other notable mentions

1. Musee Mechanique: Want to know how hot your love life is? Want to get your fortune told? Or watch the last rites during an English execution. You can even get naughty and look through a lady’s boudoir! One of the largest collections of mechanically operated arcade machines through the ages at Fisherman’s Wharf, Musee Mechanique is a delightful place to visit.

2. Sea Lions on Pier 39: Seals suddenly appeared in the 1990s on Pier 39 and stayed on. There’s a great deal of grunting and squealing and posturing by the seals and loads of entertainment for the (human) visitors.