Racism in India

Indians or rather North Indians are the most racist, hands down! One would think that after centuries of being called ‘darkies’, we’d be more empathetic to other races. However, that’s not to be. We consider ourselves to be some divine race and everyone except the whites is to be treated like dirt. So we call the blacks a host of demeaning names. Those with oriental features are dismissed as snake-eating chinkis.
We don’t discriminate between races at all. So we’re very egalitarian that way. No one escapes from our insults. So what if we still feel like darkies and raise up our hackles to any percieved racism as was demonstrated in the “Shilp Shetty-Big Brother case”, we’re still Aryans, innit? Any comment on our skin or on our race and we make it a matter of national pride.
We love thinking of ourselves as superior to all races in the world. And why not? We had one of the oldest civilizations in India, didn’t we? Yet, we have still have the shameful caste system in place. We deny basic human dignity to the dalits. Human scavenging, unfortunately, still has not been completely removed. We think of the people, assigned to this horrendous practice, as ‘polluted’. Yet, we don’t think hard enough that the reason they’re polluted is because the so called “upper castes” aren’t civilized enough to take care of their own business. We think of ourselves to be very clean, yet we have the dirtiest cities in the world!
Why then are we so smug about ourselves?